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Care and Handling - Swarovski crystals are just that, hand cut crystal.  They can be delicate.  Each shoe we will arrive in its own individual bag which helps keep them dust free and adds protects.  You should never be afraid to wear your beautiful shoes out on the town, but be aware that stepping on uneven pavement or hitting them against each other can occasionally cause a crystal to detach.  We will also provide a repair kit with instructions in the event you lose a crystal from time to time. 

Warranty - Crystallized shoes are like a piece of art, but they must be functional as well.  With proper care and handling your shoes will be beautiful for many years.  In the very unlikely event you lose a large number of crystals soon after you receive and wear them you may return them to us for repair. 

Returns - Realize that our attention to detail and workmanship is paramount to us , but  due to the nature of custom crystallizing work we do not accept returns.  We want you to be completely happy and will work with you if you're not satisfied.

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