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~First we consult with you on the project by discussing your shoes and helping you choose the perfect crystal color.  Often we will request you email a photo of your shoes which will save on consultation time. 
~Next step, you ship your shoes to Duchess Productions and we turn them into something spectacular.  At this stage of the project, a deposit of 50% is required  with the final payment due upon completion.  We will then ship your new amazing pair of crystallized shoes to you.

            A very important point about the shoes we can crystallize
~The shoes must have a smooth surface such as  leather, patent leather, satin or silk.  We cannot insure the integrity of the crystal adhesion on a shoe with thick or uneven fabric.  We can work with suede shoes for an additional charge as a result of extra hours requrired to crystallize suede, but it's worth it.  Suede and Swarovski  are a fabulous combination. 

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